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Beauti Tips By Lynn

Skin Care

Proper skin care is a must for men and women, regardless of age. The services are endless but with free consultation, it will make it easier for you to understand your skin and what treatments you may need.

skin care

No matter if it is summer or winter in Ohio, we are fighting the elements: sun, wind, and humidity are very hard on the skin. If you are on the baseball field, soccer field, football field or just getting in your car at the mall or grocery you are adding to the pollution on your skin. If you are working in health care, service area, manufacturing company or business you are gathering the atmosphere dust and dirt on your skin.


Facials are a luxury but are very much needed. WHY? As an Esthetician, I can clean your skin deeper, reducing pores, hydrating the skin, diminishing wrinkles and removing dark spots and dark circles, making your skin softer and hydrated with my special water and products. I will help in building your treatments that will be within your budget without pressure and making you purchase unnecessary products that sit on your counter never to be used.

You need to develop a skin care regimen that is easy and fits into your schedule. My treatments are easy with quality products at affordable prices. Within a week you will see results but within the first two weeks, you will see an improvement. Within three months you will really see the rejuvenation of your face. Watching your glow, softness and healthy completion become tight, firm with purification is amazing.

Washing Your face

washing face

If you are washing your face with just water or bargain soap, you are not diminishing the old skin cells which can cause wrinkles and dark spots on your skin. I will be looking at your skin to determine skin type: dry, oily, or a combination. If your skin pores are blocked, it may cause whiteheads, blackheads, red puffy skin, scales, or sun damage. Analyzing the skin helps in giving a recommendation for services or products that will help your skin to heal and stay soft and blemish free. I can teach you how to take care of your skin between your facial treatments plus give you samples of products before you buy to make sure the product is doing what it is meant to do. All products have a money back guarantee as long as you call or drop the product back to me within the first two weeks of purchase.

Skin discoloration is a top concern for men and women. Sun damage, heat, acne, and hormome changes affect the skin. An option is skin lightening treatment. This can make the skin discoloration lighter, brighter, and resolve issues of disoloration. You will be amazed!